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These are some of the projects I helped bring to life over the years. Whether it’s design work, planning and executing projects and campaigns, or building out a high-level view for creating customer journeys through CRM, I’ve got the experience to help you.

ATD 2019 Expo

Squeezing 8 months of work into 5, I managed SkillPath’s first time at the Association of Talent Development Expo. Our team built a 20×20 booth with digital signage, an interactive demo of our course offerings, created both a bag drop item and pre-event mailer, print collateral pieces for multiple business units, media kit and social media promotion. The combined efforts behind the scenes and of our sales team netted 750 potential leads.
Project Playbook

SkillPath 2019 Trainer Conference

I managed the Creative Services efforts to market and promote this internal event, designed to bring trainers into one location. Deliverables included a minisite for promotion and registration, a printed and mailed invitation and monthly reminder emails, event signage, presentation slide decks and more. The event paid off with one of the highest attendance and satisfaction ratings among trainers and employees.
Project Playbook

Monthly email marketing campaign

I coordinated Creative team members to introduce new professional development content to potential onsite clients through a monthly email campaign. Two emails- one content-focused and one marketing-focused- were sent to selected clients. The emails linked to a unique landing page with a lead generation form tied to SalesForce and free downloadable white papers, marketing webinars or articles. Free marketing webinars yielded on average 100-125 leads.

Bring products to market

In addition to managing live event and video webinar promotion, I managed the efforts to bring an updated video product to market. While video production was done by an outside group, I managed the rest of the project to design packaging, menus, course collateral, landing page and marketing through emails and back of room pieces. The process was a collaboration with the Products department, Creative Services and IT for the online sale of both physical and digital products.
Sexual Harassment Product Playbook
Customer Service Product Playbook

Award-winning design

As the Production Manager for three weekly Kansas newspapers, my team and I were constantly under pressure of deadlines. But that didn’t stop the creative flow. While at the Miami County newspapers, I won design awards from the Kansas Press Association for Best Front Page, Best Sports Page and Overall Excellence in two size categories.

Process development and improvement

When the Creative Services team was formed, I was tasked with developing and implementing a workflow process. Drawing on my education in project management, I got input from the team on their needs and researched potential software. I built out a project board using Microsoft Azure DevOps to track projects and improve communication. I documented processes and led trainings with both the Creative team and the Production team to ensure smooth adoption of process.

Article: Carnegie Institute

This layout was done for a story about the Dale Carnegie Institute and its continuing influence in business. The colors reflected the colors of the Institute, and the layout also featured a timeline and infographic.

Article: Crisis Communication

With organizations realizing the need for more formal communications roles, this article presented some basic information and examples illustrating the need to be proactive. The layout reflected the more serious nature of the subject, with the word “Crisis” in a more prominent font and a horizontal photo across the spread. The sidebar on page three was pulled out and the red light used to continue the theme of crisis imagery.

Article: Domestic Violence

This article dealt with the topic of domestic violence and how the effects can be felt outside the home. For the opening of the article, I split the spread into sections: the fist, the woman and the opening text. As the main demographic of the magazine was working women, I used imagery that reflected male-on-female violence. I also darkened the images for visual effect. The police line image represented the carryover of violence into workplaces.

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