About me

I sit at the intersection of creativity and project management.

My passion is bringing a message to life. I began a career in advertising and graphic design drawing on my creative and artistic nature. As my career has progressed, I united my creative side with my analytical side to bring messages to a fuller, richer life. This is my journey on paper… sort of.

Traffic Coordinator, Creative Services

SkillPath, Mission, Kansas, August 2018 to May 2020 

This phase of my career has really brought the pieces together. This role was created for me (literally), and I worked to make it my own. I used my experience in content creation, organization, analysis and management to define the processes for the department. I expanded my project management skills and allowed the team to do their work without having to worry about how the work would get done. I also moved deeper into digital marketing with closer work on email campaigns, landing pages and social media.

  • I developed, implemented and trained the project teams on a process plan for the Creative Services department
  • I led and participated in meetings with sponsors and stakeholders to fully plan marketing and content projects
  • I managed the project process through Creative Services to distribute approved deliverables to the next steps, whether internal or external
  • I worked on multiple cross-functional projects to plan and execute projects and break down the silos that had been built in the past

My notable projects and accomplishments include researching, learning and training multiple teams on project management software (Azure DevOps); planning and executing SkillPath’s 2019 ATD Expo trade show campaign; managing Creative Services’ role in a re-imagined annual trainer conference; managing the Production department’s execution of an organizational content rewrite; as well as various new and recurring marketing campaigns and product development projects; learned SharePoint to help manage the Webinar production and library archive of assets

Print Production Facilitator, Production

November 2013 to August 2018

Moving to SkillPath was a huge step out of my comfort zone. Until this point, I was still largely a content creator, but this role forced me to take even more of a coordination role and work to deliver marketing and other content assets through the efforts of a team. I also got experience in marketing within an organization as opposed to building ads and more one-off pieces for other clients.

  • I managed content, schedules, resources, printing and project delivery, coordinating with several internal stakeholders and external vendors 
  • I managed the print process of monthly marketing brochures, including local staff and printer communications 
  • I developed an automated online process for tracking marketing materials and sharing the schedule with three other departments’ project teams involved along the process, first in Google docs, then moving to Microsoft Office 365
  • My day-to-day responsibilities included tracking and managing the inventory of printed and warehoused products and collateral materials 
  • I worked on smaller projects to support departments within the organization, both as a content creator (writer and designer) and as a project coordinator  

My notable projects and accomplishments include the coordination and fulfillment of marketing and course materials for several new courses at SkillPath; researching, developing and training teams on the use of the above automated process, allowing a significant cost savings by going paperless; learned SalesForce to back up an internal project coordinator with custom onsite sales projects; as well as bringing project management principles to the position and department

Production Manager, Miami County Newspapers

NPG Newspapers, Paola, Kansas, December 2010 to November 2013 

This was the first time I took the role of “manager.” I had been a team lead in the past and was a solid creative contributor, but I relied on someone else to set the direction. I learned a lot about trust, delegation and working behind the scenes to put a newspaper (or three) together. My skills in collaboration, budgeting, planning and organizing all exploded during this time.

  • I directly managed two designers to produce three weekly newspapers and several specialty publications 
  • As a manager, I collaborated with the Editor/Publisher and Advertising Manager to plan ad layout and manage schedules and content for specialty publications 
  • I led the project management of specialty publications, including delegation of work for layout and editing, and collaboration with editorial and off-site advertising layout staff to produce finished pieces 
  • I performed primary layout of two weekly newspapers, including weekly Web posting 
  • When technology shifted, I was the site coordinator and manager of the local BLOX content management system for editorial and layout; developing local templates and training staff in BLOX use 
  • I collaborated with the editorial staff to develop a combined publication style when three newspapers began integrating shared pages/copy for cost savings

My notable projects and achievements include multiple awards for design with the Kansas Press Association; work on high profile area publications for Miami County tourism; learning a full content management system with a layout component (BLOX); and learning a Web posting process

Teacher, Excelsior Springs High School

Excelsior Springs Missouri, 2006-2009 school years 

Teacher, Grandview Middle School

Grandview, Missouri, 2005-2006 school year 

I pursued a career change starting in 2003, when I began my Master’s program. After watching and occasionally helping my mother in-law in her classroom, I sought a career in teaching. My education and experiences in the classroom gave me a lot of skills in organization, and while ultimately design and marketing pulled me back, the growth I gained from this time was invaluable.

Graphic Artist, Sun Publications of the Northland

Kansas City, Missouri, January 2004 to May 2005 

Graphic Artist, Townsend Communications, Inc.

Kansas City, Missouri, June 1996 to June 2003 

The first steps of my career were amazing. I learned the basics – layout software, best practices for efficiency and processes in workflow. I also saw an industry transform, as computer-to-plate made a digital revolution in printing that has continued to evolve into sometimes a wholly-digital experience. It was then that I embraced the concept of lifelong learning as part of my career.

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